About Sarojini Sinha
Sarojini Sinha was born in Jamshedpur in Sep. 1950, and developed a keen interest in art during her teens . She began her artistic journey with fabric painting. She was initiated into oil painting in 1975 . Today, she has become a prolific painter despite no professional training . she is a self taught artist.

This exhibition, aptly titled "Different Strokes" is a collection comprising a medley of landscapes, human figures, abstracts and tribal art of Jharkhand is her latest in series of 11 solo exhibition all over India. Some paintings in this exhibition have been inspired by the art maestro Picasso, and are tribute to the great master. The painting style and themes are reminiscent of the art as espoused by Picasso.

Sorojini, through her paintings, seeks to define happiness as she perceives it especially through her rendition of natural landscapes.
She would also like to pay her regard to Dr. S.D. Sharma , and intellectually renowned social psychiatrist, for encouranging and motivating her to put in her best in her artistic endeavor.

Sorojini is also grateful to her husband and children who has also constantly supported her and who are a source of strength to her . Her three grandchildren , Shreyaa, Gayatri and Anirudh are her biggest admires of her art and best connoisseurs.

Her recent paintings are mostly inspired by Picasso. It is not the copy of the work of great artist but a tribute to him. She uses mostly bright colors which is also indicative of her bright and sunny disposition.

Her paintings on canvas are an attempt to define hapiness as she perceives it. Her landscapes represent her facination for beauty on nature as manifested in show capped Himalayan peaks and deep azure blue of the seas. The success and critical acclaim of her Previous exhibitions , prompted Sarojini in holding the eleventh solo exhibition the 7th in Delhi. (Including two in Lalit Kala Academy ). Her other exhibitions were held at Vizag, Hyderabad, Hongkong and Istambul.

Sarojini is also extremely thankful to her family, husband and children and the joy she gets from the smiles of her 3 grand children Anirudh, Gayatri & Shreyya.